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Policy Brief on SCOPE report launched during EU Sustainable Energy Week

Independent research concludes that bioenergy can bring a cleaner future and improve socio-economic development On 17 June 2015, the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) presented a Policy Brief with policy recommendations from the recently launched 779-page report on Bioenergy and Sustainability. More than 30 participants from the European Commission, NGOs, industry and other stakeholders participated in the launch during the European Sustainable Energy Week in Brussels....

Free online course (MOOC) ‘Industrial Biotechnology’ starts in September 2015


Learn the basics of sustainable processing for biobased products to further understand their impact on global sustainability.

Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands), BE-Basic Foundation and the University of Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil) have joined forces in offering online education in biotechnology. In September, they will offer the course ‘Industrial Biotechnology’ for the second time on the edX platform for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC’s). Last year, the MOOC attracted...

SCOPE report on Bioenergy and Sustainability: Bridging the Gaps

São Paulo (Brazil), 14 April 2015 – Today, 14 April 2015, the Scientific Committee on Problems of the Environment (SCOPE) launches its report on Bioenergy and Sustainability: Bridging the Gaps. The report is a collective effort with contributions from 137 researchers of 82 institutions in 24 countries. It concludes that land availability is not a limiting factor and that bioenergy can contribute to sustainable energy supplies even with increasing food demands, preservation of forests, protected...

Advanced course on microbial metabolomics attracts international academic and industrial participants

From 23-27 February 2015, the one-week advanced course Metabolomics for Microbial Systems Biology was held in Campinas, Brazil, as part of BE-Basic’s international education program. This course was a joint effort of staff from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft, department Biotechnology), University of São Paulo (USP) and University of Campinas (UNICAMP) and supported by the foundations Biotechnology Studies Delft-Leiden (BSDL) and BE-Basic.

This course was part of a recently started...

Director-General Schutte (Min. OCW) visits BE-Basic Brazil

On March 10, 2015, a delegation with Director-General Hans Schutte from the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Min. OWC) visited BE-Basic in Brazil. Focus of this visit was to provide the delegation with an overview of BE-Basic’s activities in Brazil and to showcase on-going collaborative R&D projects. The meeting was kindly hosted by the University of São Paulo, one of BE-Basic’s partners, at the Instituto de Ciências Biomedicas (ICB) represented by its vice-director prof...

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