Management Team

The Management Team takes care of the daily management of the BE-Basic Foundation activities like monitoring progress in research, financial state of affairs, staffing, education, innovation and communication plans. The Management Team is formed by the Flagship Managers, the Board and the Manager of the Support Office. 

Flagship Managers

Second generation carbon-based compounds

  • Ruud Luiten, Ph.D., DSM
    Flagship Manager
  • Prof. Gerrit Eggink, Ph.D., Wageningen UR
    Vice Flagship Manager

Nitrogen-based Specialties

  • Prof. Arnold Driessen, Ph.D., University of Groningen
    Flagship Manager
  • Prof. Isabel Arends, Ph.D., Delft University of Technology
    Vice Flagship Manager

Sustainable soil management and Upstream Processing

  • Prof. Wim van der Putten, Ph.D., NIOO KNAW
    Flagship Manager

Bioconstruction Materials

  • To be determined

Microbial production of Biofuels and Biorenewables

  • To be determined

Synthetic Biology

  • Prof. Bert Poolman, Ph.D., University of Groningen
    Flagship Manager
  • Ton van Maris, Ph.D., Delft University of Technology
    Vice Flagship Manager

High throughput discovery & (meta)genomics mining

  • Prof. Hans van Veen, Ph.D., NIOO-KNAW
    Flagship Manager
  • Prof. Dick Janssen, Ph.D., University of Groningen
    Vice Flagship Manager

Environmental Impact of chemicals, bio-based molecules and processes

  • Prof. Hauke Smidt, Ph.D., Wageningen UR
    Flagship Manager
  • Bart van der Burg, Ph.D, BioDetection Systems
    Vice Flagship Manager

Societal Embedding of a Biobased Economy

  • Prof. Patricia Osseweijer, Ph.D., Delft University of Technology
    Flagship Manager
  • George Brouwer, Ph.D., owner BBA
    Vice Flagship Manager

Genomics for Industrial Fermentation

  • Martin Wijsman, Ph.D., Friesland Campina
    Flagship Manager
  • Prof. Han Wösten, Ph.D., Utrecht University
    Vice Flagship Manager

EBD Programme: Economy, Policy and Sustainability

  • Prof. Patricia Osseweijer, Ph.D., Delft University of Technology
    Flagship Manager

Iso-butanol Platform Rotterdam (IBPR)

  • George Brouwer, Ph.D., owner BBA
    Flagship Manager
  • Sjaak van Loo, MSC, Director Procede Group B.V.
    Vice Flagship Manager
Ruud Luiten
Gerrit Eggink
Arnold Driessen
Isabel Arends
Wim van der Putten
Bert Poolman
Ton van Maris
Hans van Veen
Dick Janssen
Hauke Smidt
Bart van der Burg
Patricia Osseweijer
George Brouwer
Martin Wijsman
Han Wösten
Sjaak van Loo
  • Delft University of Technology
  • BioDetection Systems B.V.
  • Bioclear earth
  • Food & Biobased Research
  • VU University Amsterdam
  • Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)
  • Corbion Purac
  • Utrecht University
  • Maastricht University
  • Synthon
  • DSM
  • Microdish BV
  • Wageningen UR
  • AkzoNobel
  • Deltares
  • MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology
  • University of Amsterdam
  • University of Groningen
  • Radboud University Nijmegen
  • TU Dortmund
  • Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Microlife Solutions
  • Essent New Energy B.V.
  • Amyris, Inc.
  • Imperial College London
  • ClearDetections
  • Soil Cares Research
  • Dyadic
  • Friesland Campina
  • Delft Advanced Biorenewables
  • Basidiofactory
  • Chr. Hansen
  • NIZO food research B.V.
  • Tertium
  • Stichting Natuur en Milieu
  • ECN
  • Leiden University
  • Platform Bio-Energie
  • CSK Food Enrichment
  • Bioprocess Pilot Facility
  • SkyNRG
  • Zirk Technology
  • Procede Group
  • ChainCraft
  • Deltalinqs
  • GEVO
  • Sweco
  • Proteonic
  • Goodfuels
  • Groen Agro Control